Spinning classes have gotten a reputation for being the good kind of grueling sprinkled with a fitness intensity that’s hard to match in any other kind of group fitness or boot camp class. This intensity can be intimidating to newcomers, especially if you’ve never taken a spin class before.

At Every Body Balance Southborough, we want you to feel equally challenged and engaged in your workout as much as we want you to feel a part of our spinning community. We’re serious about spinning and serious about expanding our fitness family, so follow along in today’s post that will give you exactly what you need to know before stepping into the saddle!

Do These Things For The Best First Spin Class…Ever

As you watch the sweaty bodies vacate the dark, loud spin room you’re probably more than just intrigued — you’re ready to stop being a fitness witness and ready to experience what spin is all about. Here are the things you should know before hitting your first spin class.

Prepare Before You Go

It’s wise to do a little recon before hitting your first class. Watch a Youtube video about the different parts of the bike and learn how to adjust it. Look into spin lingo like “tap back” or “power.”

Arrive Early

It’s important to get to class early to sign any waivers and talk to staff members about the class. You can ask them any questions and inform them it’s your very first time.   

Arrive Prepared

Remember to stay hydrated with a water bottle (or two) and bring a couple of towels because you’re bound to get sweaty!

Pick Your Bike

While some spin studios allow you to pick your seat online, you’ll likely be able to do it when you get to the class. The bikes may be set up in a myriad of ways from all in one row to more like stadium seating — pick a location that is comfortable for you. As a newbie, the back seats give you a full view of everything that’s going on so this might be a good place to start!

Dress Appropriately

Since you’re riding a bike, spandex booty shorts and shorts in general (other than bike shorts) can get pretty uncomfortable. Avoid baggy pants and ideally, go for cropped leggings or long tights. Padded bike shorts may make your first couple times more comfortable and wear a top that is moisture wicking because you will sweat! As far as shoes go, some spinning studios have special shoes to use to clip into the bike, but if they don’t any athletic shoe will work just fine.  


Set Up Your Bike Just Right (and write it down for next time)

The bike setup will make or break your first experience, so it’s crucial you do it properly the first time.

  • Find the best seat height: Legs should be fully extended when standing with a slight bend. Try standing next to the bike before you get on it — the seat should hit right at about hip level.
  • Find the right seat position: The seat adjusts both forwards and backward so sit on your seat and make sure you can reach the handlebars with a slight bend in your elbows while your shoulders and neck are relaxed.
  • Adjust the handlebars: Those new to spinning tend to find a higher handlebar height more comfortable so start there and lower them as it becomes more comfortable.
  • Adjust the pedals: If you have a cage that you tighten, make sure your shoe fits and is secured tightly. The key is to have the ball of your foot in the centermost part of the pedal.

Focus On You

You know the adage “you do you” this is crucial for any kind of group fitness class, including spinning! There will be seasoned pros and beginners mixed throughout the class, so it’s important to go at your own pace and concentrate on what you’re doing to get better. One of the best parts of a spin class is no one is going to bother you or judge you for where you’re at — as long as you’re working hard while having fun, the class will be a blast.

There are things to know before your first spin class that will make it more enjoyable and go smoothly, but above all, show up with a good attitude and willingness to work hard!

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