5 points where you’ll notice the benefit of your small local fitness company

Whether you’re a fitness junkie or someone who happens by the gym only once in a while, there’s no question that you need some solution for how to fit exercise into your life, and a gym or fitness studio is a great way to give yourself the accountability and interest factor that will help you to stay consistent.

However, when it comes to choosing where you will go to work out, there are some major differences you should consider between the national chains and the small local fitness studios. While the big brand names might be the first ones that come to your mind, you shouldn’t neglect looking at your small local fitness studios. Here are some of the reasons why our customers choose Every Body Balance over one of the big brand names, despite their swank and crowds of members.

1. It’s closer to home.

If you live anywhere in the Metrowest region, but particularly in Southborough, Every Body Balance is located conveniently close to where you live and shop. A gym that’s convenient and close to home is one where you’re more likely to work out.

2. They know me. The instructors are like friends.

Our instructors are people like you, who live in your community, and you’ll quickly get to know them. No longer are you stuck with a constantly rotating set of college kids who couldn’t bring themselves to give you the time of day and definitely wouldn’t recognize if you were a customer or not. At a small, local fitness studio, you aren’t a number, you’re a real person to the instructors and employees.

3. They help me work toward my goals.

You could go to a huge, impersonal gym and make your own rounds through their machines, but why would you do that when you could have someone who cares enough to give you personalized attention and help? Working out is hard enough to do consistently—why risk missing your goals by doing it alone?

4. I can schedule personal training that works for me.

Try getting a custom solution that works for you at one of the big fitness names, and you’ll quickly find that it’s either completely unavailable or it’s something that you pay an exorbitant price for. Your local fitness studio is much more flexible and open to working with clients to meet their individual needs.

5. I like shopping local. It’s good for my community, and I help a small business.

For the same reason that you should rightly be a fan of your local farmer’s market, pet groomer, auto mechanic, and boutique clothing shop, being a regular at your local fitness studio benefits your community rather than padding the pockets of some high executive somewhere in a posh villa on the water.

These are just a few of the reasons that you will find your local fitness studio to be an improvement over the huge nationwide fitness brands. Stay tuned for our next blog for even more reasons.

Many of our clients have left the big box places because of their dissatisfaction with what they found, only to be pleased and delighted when they tried Every Body Balance. We’re sure you’ll be delighted, too, so if you haven’t tried it yet, please be sure to come check it out!

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