In our last blog, we covered 5 reasons why our customers love coming to our small, local fitness studio in Southborough, MA rather than having a membership at one of the huge fitness centers that’s a nationwide chain or prominent name brand. We’re sure that all those places started out as fabulous places that delivered great service. However, there’s an inevitable effect on any business that gets too big. Bureaucracy, red tape, and layers upon layers of management result in an experience for customers that is not quite as friendly and personal as it used to be. Here are a few more reasons why our customers have left their memberships with the bigger brands and chosen Every Body Balance instead.

6. Those big-box places are too impersonal.

Big-box fitness studios are subject to layers and layers of red tape and regulation, so that even if one of their employees or trainers was a friendly person and wanted to add a personal touch, they would struggle to do so. In contrast, the owner of your local fitness studio is probably often on site, and everyone on staff takes an active interest in who the customers are and whether they are having a good experience.

7. The big-box places are impossible to work with when it comes to billing.

The larger gyms and fitness centers have gotten very good at trapping customers in monthly memberships that are nearly impossible to cancel, from small print in the contract to employees who are trained to be extremely difficult and unhelpful when it comes to any requests for cancellation or pause of a membership. You deserve to be treated better than that, and it’s your money, so you should be free to spend it on the membership that makes you the happiest and gets you the best results. The smaller fitness studios are far more accommodating, friendly, and understanding when it comes to questions of billing.

8. I love the smaller class sizes at my local fitness center, and the variety is great.

Small fitness centers have a local clientele, and a smaller class size means more individual attention for you. You’ll love the variety of activities you get in each workout and the variety of classes you’ll encounter at Every Body Balance.

9. The local fitness studio pays taxes where I live and helps our local communities.

Local business contributes to the local economy, and a thriving local business can make a difference in a community. Not only does the business pay taxes where you live, contributing to local schools and other projects, local businesses often participate in community events, donate to local outreaches, and offer services to the less fortunate as they are able.

10. I get a better workout and feel happier afterward at my local fitness studio.

It’s undeniable: the atmosphere of the place where you work out plays a huge part in the quality of your workout and your state of mind. Fitness is more than exercising your muscles. Every muscle movement begins in the brain, and if your brain is happy, you’ll stick with your workout longer and be more likely to meet your goals. Why should you go to a place where no one knows you or cares about you?

We hope these points have been helpful to you in considering the choice between some of the large brands and the small local fitness studio next door. Come join us!