1. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Precautions

      We want you to stay fit, healthy and safe!With the current health concerns regarding COVID-19, we have taken the following steps to help keep you healthy, happy and safe while exercising at Every Body Balance. • We encourage you to bring your own fitness mat, blocks, bolsters and other props to practice if at all possible. Check out our guidance for the best eco-friendly mats, recently ad…Read More

  2. What Are The Differences Between Yoga and Pilates?

    Birds of a feather flock together, right? While yoga and pilates seem similar, they have some key differences. 2018 is coming to a close and the new year is right around the corner, which can only mean one thing — New Year’s resolutions! If you are curious about yoga or pilates, 2019 is your year! Make space for their practices and connect with your mind, body, and spirit in ways that are true…Read More

  3. Prenatal Yoga: A Place for Togetherness (Part Two)

    Find community and commiseration at prenatal yoga! In part one (check it out here), we began to navigate the truths and experiences you’ll only find at prenatal yoga — the inclusivity and the encouragement from expecting mothers. At Every Body Balance, we offer yoga tailored to pregnant women and a myriad of other classes all in one convenient membership. Join us in part two, as we learn more …Read More

  4. Prenatal Yoga: A Place for Togetherness (Part One)

    Prenatal yoga is a space for expecting mothers to find solidarity — and really a refuge to let their hair down and be with other pregnant women! When you are pregnant — anonymity is thrown out the window. As soon as you step out your front door you are no longer you — you are the “pregnant one” that everyone wants to talk to ask questions about your due date, the gender of your baby, and…Read More

  5. Beginner Essentials: What You Need To Know For Your First Spin Class

    Spinning classes have gotten a reputation for being the good kind of grueling sprinkled with a fitness intensity that’s hard to match in any other kind of group fitness or boot camp class. This intensity can be intimidating to newcomers, especially if you’ve never taken a spin class before. At Every Body Balance Southborough, we want you to feel equally challenged and engaged in your workout a…Read More

  6. The Top Six Reasons Seniors Should Spin

    Physical activity is crucial at any stage of life, but it’s arguably most important for seniors. Being physically active later in life helps to prevent fall-related injuries that break bones and is muscle-sparing. Cycling is low-impact enough to help with mobility and everyday movements and gentle enough to accommodate those with joint and bone issues. It’s wonderful for improving cardiovascul…Read More

  7. Have the Fit Pregnancy You’ve Always Wanted with Prenatal Yoga

    Yoga bears health benefits for both people wanting to get in tune with their overall wellness and those who are pregnant, with many pregnant women finding relief with prenatal yoga that is giving them healthy and fit pregnancies. As an expecting mother, you’re reading all the pregnancy books and articles and always trying to figure out just one more way to make your pregnancy better for you and …Read More

  8. How Often Should I Exercise?

    How Often Should I Exercise? Whether you're new to Every Body Balance or have been attending classes for a while, you might have asked yourself, "How often should I work out?" It depends. Fortunately, the Centers for Disease Control, the Mayo Clinic, the American Heart Association, and fitness gurus provide some useful guidelines. If your goal is to start out and establish a reasonable level of fi…Read More

  9. Ways to Become More Flexible (and Why It Matters)

    Flexibility. It’s a topic that can be more polarizing than most people realize. On one end of the spectrum, we have the double jointed people or people who can effortlessly do the splits, but who are more prone to sports injuries. On the other end of the spectrum, you have people who are in pain if they try to reach past their knees and who feel incredibly frustrated if they attend a yoga class.…Read More

  10. 3 Reasons Why Great Athletes Choose Pilates

    A growing number of professional athletes in sports are turning to Pilates to give them an edge over the competition. These include athletes in football, baseball, basketball, and soccer, as well as Olympic athletes. One of these athletes is Tom Brady, who is known for living a disciplined lifestyle, eating a healthy diet, and investing in preventive measures to keep him strong and fit for the lon…Read More