We want you to stay fit, healthy and safe!

With the current health concerns regarding COVID-19, we have taken the following steps to help keep you healthy, happy and safe while exercising at Every Body Balance.

• We encourage you to bring your own fitness mat, blocks, bolsters and other props to practice if at all possible. Check out our guidance for the best eco-friendly mats, recently added to our website.

• We will continue to have loaner mats and props available for each class, and we ask that you carefully sanitize the props before using, and again before returning them. Please help us maintain the health and wellness of all students.

• We will temporarily remove blankets from the studios. If you would like a blanket for your practice, please bring one from home.

• We will continue to have bolsters available; however, we encourage you to bring a small towel from home to be placed over the bolsters when they are being used.

• Perhaps most importantly, please be mindful of hand washing with soap and hot water before and after class. 

• We ask that you stay home if you have any cold/flu type symptoms.

• Hand sanitizer, tissues and disinfecting wipes are provided at both locations.

• We encourage students to check in for class using the iPad kiosks, and to wash their hands afterwards. If you sign in on paper, use your own pen or pencil if possible.

Thank you for your understanding! Keep up to date with our schedule online in case of any last minute changes or cancellations.

Stay healthy and safe!