Every Body Balance can arrange for relaxation parties or family yoga in our wonderful fitness studio for get-togethers with family/friends/neighbors/co-workers. Too many times, we focus on talking, eating, or just sitting together. While this is wonderful, you don’t have to limit yourself! Working out with others simultaneously strengthens body, mind, and interpersonal connections. Discover just how powerful getting your sweat on can be! Use this opportunity for holiday gifts, birthday parties, family yoga, or just simple relaxation. Let our reception staff or personal trainers know, and we can arrange something special tailored to just what you want.

Introduce friends and neighbors to a private class today!

Prices vary with class size and the number of classes desired.  Prices shown below are shown as a guide, and assume a single Private Group party.  Please contact us today to discuss your specific goals.

Private Group Class, up to 20 members [$109]
For multi-class series or larger groups, please call or email us
to discuss your specific program goals.