Every Body Fitness Pilates Class

When we started a fitness studio that emphasized both physical and mental wellness, we knew we had to include Pilates classes. Pilates combines facets of martial arts, yoga, and some Western exercises into a workout that emphasizes body control and stress relief. People who do Pilates end up with strong cores, better posture, flexibility, and peace of mind.

Every Body Fitness Pilates Class

Whether you’ve done Pilates for years or you’re just curious about it, we have some fun facts to share with you in today’s blog!

Pilates isn’t yoga

Many people think Pilates is a variation on yoga. However, though Pilates incorporates some aspects of yoga, it is a physical fitness system first, whereas yoga focuses on bringing mind, body, and soul to a new level of consciousness. Pilates incorporates aspects of many different disciplines.

Pilates focuses on quality rather than quantity

You get the best Pilates workout when you use proper form. That means we take the time to focus on posture, breathing, and movement. Nothing is wasted in Pilates; every bit of it is designed to give you maximum benefits.

Pilates is designed to work your entire body

A physicist designed Pilates to work every muscle you have. Many classes begin with a mental body scan so students can compare how they feel at the beginning of class to how they feel at the end. Pilates is effective enough that students experience a huge difference.

When you attend a Pilates class at Every Body Balance, you’ll find community, encouragement, and excellence. We understand what a huge role fitness plays in quality of life, and we have dedicated ourselves to providing the very best classes and training. Put yourself first and visit our 155 Boston Road location for a relaxed, calming environment that makes it easy to find your best body balance today!

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