Learn About Your Gut Microflora and How it Impacts Your Health, Well-Being, and Even Romance

Every Body Balance is proud to offer the chance to learn about probiotics from a leading expert in the field.

You can read about nutrition all day long on the internet, but you never really know if you’re getting solid, authoritative information that is backed by scientific research.

But what if you could turn all that around?

What if you could learn about nutrition from the same person whom NASA consulted on nutrition and health for the Mission to Mars?  Or a TEDx lecturer? Or from someone who’s been written up in the Sunday NY Times?

Microbiologist Dr. Susan Erdman is an internationally-known MIT researcher and lecturer who has researched at MIT since her post-doctoral work in 1988. Stories about her work have appeared in Scientific American, the New York Times, Cancer Research, Nature Reviews, STAT, Aging, and other well-respected publications.

Not only that, but she practices what she teaches. Her understanding of and commitment to nutrition, health and fitness has given her a glowing vitality, and she shares many of the secrets she has learned over the years.

Probiotics Basics

It’s well-known that we have bacteria in our bodies, from the ones that are on our skin to the ones in our mouths to the ones in our digestive tract. The bad bacteria are the ones that we want to remove because they make us sick, but the good bacteria, called probiotics, are microbes that bring mind-blowing health benefits to other living organisms, including people.

Probiotics Discoveries

In her research, Dr. Erdman considers the entire microbiome, or the group of microorganisms that are present in a particular environment, such as the human body. She noticed that mice who were fed a diet rich in probiotics had incredibly healthy skin and lustrous fur, a more slender physique, and even, in the males, larger testicles.

Another discovery had to do with the production of oxytocin, sometimes called the “love hormone.” It is responsible for creating feelings of attachment and bonding and stimulates reproductive behaviors. But did you know that bacteria can stimulate the production of oxytocin in the brain and the bloodstream? Mice who were fed the kinds of bacteria found in human breast milk exhibited higher levels of oxytocin, as well as other hormones, including thyroid hormone and testosterone.

Dr. Susan Erdman Insights, at Every Body Balance

Now Dr. Erdman shares her unique knowledge, insight, and perspective on nutrition and health, in a down-to-earth, approachable style, with members of our local communities, including Southborough, Westborough, Ashland, Hopkinton, Framingham, Marlborough, and the entire Metrowest region.

You have the opportunity to listen to Dr. Erdman as she provides insightful, actionable classes on nutrition and health, right here at Every Body Balance. In these information-packed sessions, you’ll learn things that go above and beyond your typical bland diet advice. You’ll learn things like:

  • How prebiotics and probiotics affect your health, from your digestion to the clarity of your skin.
  • The best food sources of probiotics: Should you eat yogurt, drink kefir, eat sauerkraut, drink kombucha, or something else?
  • I’ve heard about it… Just what is the microbiome, anyway?
  • Are probiotic supplements and capsules worth it? What are the differences?
  • How to understand the probiotics you see on the labels of packaged food products.
  • Ways that your diet affects your gut flora, and how to change it from bad to good.
  • Foods you should avoid.
  • How an active lifestyle and fitness routine contribute to the benefits you get from probiotics.
  • What we can learn from the research: separating the hype from the facts.

For more information about Susan’s scientific work, check out a few of her online articles:

About our Probiotics and Nutrition Classes

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