How can we build strength on an unstable core? How can we increase our speed and agility on an unstable core? The Pilates philosophy focuses on training the mind and body to work together toward the goal of overall fitness. Pilates teaches awareness of breath and alignment of the spine while exercising. The program works to strengthen deep torso muscles and to firm abdominals and gain a stronger and more mobile spine. Additional benefits include better posture, longer, leaner muscles, improved stamina, coordination, flexibility, and joint mobility.

Learn more about our great pilates classes today!Pilates with Core Props [MODERATE]

A studio pilates class using core training props to assist in obtaining proper body alignment and mechanics or to increase the intensity of the exercise.

Mat Pilates [MODERATE]

A pilates class with the Every Body Balance difference.

Yoga and Pilates Combo [MODERATE]

With the latest workout combination of Yoga and Pilates, you provide your body with the benefits of both exercise philosophies. As opposed to building a body that is simply muscular, the use of both Yoga and Pilates is conducive to the development of a body which is strong as well as lean, graceful, and efficient, and also leads to a reduction in stress.

Gentle Stretch Pilates [GENTLE]

Learn the core concepts of proper body mechanics utilizing the methods of pilates – breathing, proper body alignment, focus, concentration, and control the Every Body Balance way.


All pilates classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted.

  • Please remove your shoes before you enter each studio space.
  • Please no cell phones in the studios.
  • Drink plenty of water. Being hydrated is fundamental to enjoying your classes.
  • Please help yourself to complimentary coffee or tea in the reception area.

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