This cardiovascular workout burns calories and keeps your muscles in shape.  It uses a professional stationary exercise bicycle with a weighted flywheel in a classroom setting.  Spinning (aka Indoor Cycling) classes build endurance, strengthen the core, and tone the muscles, and are great for all ability levels.  If you’re looking for a fun, challenging cardiovascular workout, or you’re an avid cyclist who needs an indoor ride, then these classes are for you!

Spin® or Indoor Cycling FAQs

FAQ #1:  I hear different terms like Spin®, Indoor Cycling, Cycling, Spinning®… what’s the difference?
Reply:  Most refer to exercise on a stationary bike, usually in a relaxed indoor environment with air conditioning and music.  Spin® and Spinning® are trademarked terms, and reflect the studio’s commitment to the best in indoor cycling equipment and instructors.

FAQ #2:  What makes Every Body Balance different from other cycling studios?
Reply:  Every Body Balance provides a challenging Spin® experience, sometimes also coupled with cool-downs that add stretching, core, abs, or yoga to round out your fitness experience.  We have awesome sound systems, instructors, and playlists to enhance your experience.

FAQ #3:  Do I need previous cycling experience?
Reply:  Every Body Balance welcomes beginners as well as experienced spinners. Our Instructors are trained to help get you set up, and to provide modifications so you only do what you’re comfortable doing.

FAQ #4:  Do I have to bring my own water and towel?
Reply:  You’re welcome to bring your own water… we also offer chilled Poland Springs water for $1.00 a bottle.  And we have courtesy towels for you, in case you forget.

FAQ #5:  Can I ride if I’m pregnant?
Reply:  Cycling is popular for pregnant women since its a low-impact cardio workout. We’ve had women spin with us until just several days before their due date. If you have any specific concerns, consult your doctor.

FAQ #6:  Do I need my own spinning shoes?
Reply:  No spinning shoes required.   You can use spinning shoes if you like, or sneakers, or any sort of footwear that you’re comfortable with that provides some support.  Spinning shoes are designed to secure your feet to the pedals while cycling, which can provide a more efficient workout. However, our Spin bikes are equipped with both cycling clips and toe cages, and either will help secure your foot to the pedals.

FAQ #7:  How do I schedule my Every Body Balance classes?
Reply:  Simple.  No pre-registration is required for any classes.  Just show up.  Before your first time, you can sign up (and fill out the standard waiver) with our receptionists, or you can buy online and take care of the waiver through our membership portal.

FAQ #8:  What are my options for classes or memberships at Every Body Balance?
Reply:  Simply pay at the desk, or go online to our membership portal.  You can buy one-at-a-time Drop-Ins, 10-Class-Passes, or unlimited monthly or annual memberships.  Class Passes and Memberships allow you to take Spin, Yoga, Barre, Boot Camp, TRX… pretty much anything that we offer at both of our Southborough locations. Its a great deal with unrivaled variety.

FAQ #9:  Does Every Body Balance offer military discounts?
Reply:  Yes, we offer a 10 % discount for military and first-responders. Ask at the desk.

Below are some details on the different classes:


New to Spinning® or indoor cycling?  Or need a refresher?  Start here for a low-key, relaxed introduction to this fun cardiovascular workout.

Spin Circuit and Spin / Yoga Combo  [MODERATE / ENERGIZING]

As the name implies, a mix of energizing Spin, coupled with Core and/or yoga exercises.

Spin / Yoga / Pilates combo  [MODERATE / ENERGIZING]

a 90-minute workout combining all 3 of these popular themes

Spin-Abs Combo and Spin Sculpt   [MODERATE / ENERGIZING]

This popular option is a combination of 45 minutes of Spin, followed by 15 minutes of core or abs workouts.


A solid 60 minutes of Spinning.  Great for experienced riders, but adjustable to allow you to go at your own pace.  A great cardio workout.


Each spin class is 60 minutes unless otherwise noted.

  • Please set your cell phone to vibrate, or turn it off in the studios.
  • Drink plenty of water. Being hydrated is fundamental to enjoying your classes.

View Our Calendar and contact our fitness studio with any questions!