Working out when pregnant

Staying fit during pregnancy can be a challenge, but at Every Body Balance, we can help you out! Spinning class is a non-impact option that can improve your mood, boost your sleep, and relieve back pain. The key is knowing your body and what it can do.

Working out when pregnant

Our staff is on your side. In today’s blog, we have some valuable tips for you to consider.

Watch your breath

Most spinning classes are meant to get you panting, but if you’re pregnant, panting is not an option. Don’t get to the point where you’re gasping, and if you do, slow your pace.

Don’t begin spinning while pregnant

Try to keep doing whatever exercise you did before you got pregnant. If you want to start spinning while pregnant, make sure you let your instructor know and then be conservative.

Try half an hour

If a whole hour is too much for you, you’re not alone. If you can find a class that is half spinning and half yoga or weight training.

Drink water

Make sure you take a big drink before class, stay hydrated during class, and rehydrate after class. If you get dehydrated, you may experience pre-term labor. It’s better to have to pee all the time!

Use your pelvic floor

Your back will be happier if you support your baby with your pelvic floor. Make sure you feel like you’re giving your baby a gentle hug. This will ensure that you are doing it right and save you from back pain.

Whether you live in Metrowest or Southborough, our two locations are here to serve you. Our supportive, experienced community of trainers is ready to make your life better. We understand that pregnancy brings many changes to your body, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be active and feel great about yourself. Let us help you make the most of your pregnancy!

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