Physical activity is crucial at any stage of life, but it’s arguably most important for seniors. Being physically active later in life helps to prevent fall-related injuries that break bones and is muscle-sparing. Cycling is low-impact enough to help with mobility and everyday movements and gentle enough to accommodate those with joint and bone issues. It’s wonderful for improving cardiovascular health and spurring cognitive functions.

At Every Body Balance, we offer spin classes to every age group and our instructors take great care in working with the individual to ensure they get the best workout and help make any needed accommodations. If you’re a senior and ready to get in the saddle (a bike seat) this blog is for you. Follow along in today’s post about the many reasons seniors should spin!

A Spinning Class For Seniors

Spin class is known for its high energy and grueling workouts with instructors that are relentless, in the best possible way. While this is true, a spin class is very much based on the individual and what goals they have in mind. You can attend a spin class and pedal along and enjoy the scenery or you can go all out with the resistance settings and truly challenge yourself.

Don’t worry about mustering the energy, once you’re there, you’ll find it!

The instructors are extremely motivating and combined with the lights and music, you’re in for a party! What’s great for seniors is they see the enthusiasm the instructors bring and it’s contagious. When you see someone else giving it there all, you want to as well.

There are all levels of fitness.

Seniors can often be put off by group classes that aren’t senior-specific, but the best part about a spin class is everyone is at a different level, but you all laugh, encourage, and work hard together. So while you and the person next to you are climbing a big hill, you’re giving your maximum effort which will most likely look different than those to the right and to the left of you. Everyone gets a great workout catered to their ability level, yet together as a group, you accomplish the workout together.

The music is one of the best parts.

You what keeps you young? Music! Each instructor will bring something a little different to their classes, but as you try them, you’ll find the instructor that has similar taste or music you like. With great music, fosters a great workout. Music helps you keep a pedal cadence (the beat), and studies even support that people work out harder and faster when the music is motivating.

You might find weights in a spin class!

Some instructors like to focus on a whole body approach and not just the legs, so you’ll often lift weights both on and off the bike. The weights are light, but you’ll realize after a song or two it feels like you’re lifting an elephant. Spin classes are great for seniors because though you may not feel comfortable lifting weights on a bike or at all, there are resistance bands and body weight movements you can use — until eventually, you work your way up to weights.

You’ll build killer leg strength.

As a senior, it’s imperative to preserve your muscles and build on the strength you already have. A decline in muscle mass is a part of the aging process, but you can still take preventative measures to combat its effects. You need your legs for walking, balance, stability, and doing everyday things such as sitting in a chair and getting back up. With spinning, this gives you the ability to stay independent longer — which is really the long-term goal.

You’ll be able to socialize.

Spin class is a great place to meet people — young and old — and build a community. You’re all suffering through the same workout and this builds camaraderie and team spirit. You’ll soon notice an hour-long class passes by in what seems like 20 because everyone is cheering each other on and having a great time. It’s easy to fall into social isolation as a senior, but a spin class helps get you out and about.

Aspin class is wonderful for seniors because it’s adaptable to all fitness levels, keeps you motivated with the music and people that are in it, and helps to strengthen your body so you can stay independent longer.

Try a spin class today at Every Body Balance, and find out why everyone loves spinning!