Summer may be coming to an end, but you can still continue (or start) a more active lifestyle. In fact, staying active as the weather gets cooler is very important. Less sunlight and cold temperatures make it harder to stay healthy. Additionally, Thanksgiving and Christmas are on their way, and staying active will enable you to enjoy these special events to the full. The problem is, it’s hard to get motivated to work out during the cold months! Your best option is to get a personal trainer.

We understand that some people balk at the idea of having a personal trainer. Shouldn’t you be able to work out on your own? Why should you pay someone else to help you do what you can do yourself? We’ll tell you why!

Supervision and Support

A good personal trainer will not only keep an eye on you, they will believe you can achieve your goals even when you do not. They will help you avoid injuries by correcting your form and empower you do to extra exercises that require a spotter.


When things get tough, pushing your limits can become almost impossible. A trainer will be able to step in when you’re ready to give up and encourage you to do one more rep. You’ll discover strengths you didn’t have, and that realization will inspire you for a long time.

Work Out with a Friend

One great way to make the personal training experience more fun, and split the cost, is to enroll in our small group personal training for 2 people.

New Workouts

If you like to exercise, it’s easy to get bored with your exercises but be unsure about how to proceed. A personal trainer will bring a new perspective to your goals and abilities. A trainer will be able to suggest new exercises and workouts to keep your mind and body fresh.

Specific Training

If you’re training for a certain event, a personal trainer can help you tailor your workouts for the best performance. Having an ally in your preparation will make a huge difference!

There is nothing better than being in shape. As we’ve learned, it brings balance to your life. A personal trainer can help you determine exactly what “in shape” means to you. Once you determine where you want to be, the trainer will help you get there.

At Every Body Balance, we offer personal training in addition to our incredible group fitness classes. We consider it a privilege to come alongside our clients and give them the boost they need to reach their goals. Get a personal trainer with Every Body Balance today!

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