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As you practice yoga, you will begin to connect and focus both your body and your mind. Yoga helps us to balance and center our awareness while energizing, strengthening, and toning all the major muscles and organs in our body. Yoga is suitable for all ages and body types. It promotes strength, flexibility and endurance while providing a source of relaxation through breathing and meditation techniques. The practice of yoga has been shown to reduce chronic pain problems and to aid in circulation, digestion and respiration.

Get the benefits of a yoga class today!Yoga Basics [INTRODUCTORY]

A ‘Yoga 101’ class for students taking those first tentative steps into a new area. The postures are presented in an easy to follow, accessible manner to build Strength, increase Flexibility, enhance Joint Stability and improve Posture and Balance.

Strength and Flexibility Yoga [ENERGIZING]

A rejuvenating hatha yoga class combining poses for strength and flexibility coupled with deep full breaths for relaxation.

Good Morning Yoga [ENERGIZING]

This energizing Yoga class provides movement to get your blood flowing, and will help to get your week off to a great start.

Lunchtime Yoga [GENTLE]

This relaxing Yoga class provides a little relaxation mid-day, helping to focus the mind and relax the body.

Yoga on the Stability Ball [RELAXING]

This relaxing Yoga class uses the stability ball to exercise and strengthen, for a relaxed, low-stress workout.

Mother-Daughter Yoga [RELAXING]

This wonderful introductory Yoga class is for moms and their daughters aged 5 to 12.  All fitness levels welcome.

Athletic Yoga [ENERGIZING]

An energizing yoga class based on powerful poses in a flowing style to increase ones strength and flexibility.

Restorative Yoga [GENTLE]

A chance to unwind, strengthen and re-energize in the ambiance of candlelight.  Renew and reconnect with yourself with Restorative Yoga. The goal of this relaxing class is to calm your body and mind, aligning your physical and mental health by practicing gentle movements with special breathing techniques.

Iyengar (Rope Wall) Yoga  [ENERGIZING]

Iyengar Yoga uses our new small-group rope wall to support the student in a variety of poses.  The ropes assist by using gravity as resistance, causing the body to stretch further than in regular yoga. This helps to release tension from the joints, stretches muscles and is especially beneficial for spine health where it can help relieve pressure from compressed vertebral discs.

All classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted.

  • Please remove your shoes before you enter each studio space.
  • Please no cell phones in the studios.  You’re here to relax.
  • Drink plenty of water. Being hydrated is fundamental to enjoying your classes.
  • Please help yourself to complimentary coffee or tea in the reception area.

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