If you’re wanting to get started in a fitness routine at our Yoga Studio in Southborough, you’re probably wanting to work out in the best possible way to get fit. Even if you’ve been working out for a long time, you may wonder if your usual exercise routine is the ideal thing for you to be doing with your body. It’s human nature to not want to waste time and effort on anything less than the best. But with so many exercise products, supplements, techniques, and opportunities out there, each claiming to be the best, how do you choose, and once you’ve made a decision, how do you know that you’ve really chosen the right thing?

Well, we hate to break it to you, but there is no such thing as a universally “ideal” workout, and anyone who claims that there is is just plain wrong. The reason for this is that it’s impossible to have a one-size-fits-all routine that works for every person. However, there are ways to narrow down the choices and make sure your exercise program is going to be great for you.

1. Identify your goals.

Knowing why you want to work out will guide your decisions for what workouts you want to do. Evaluate how many of these goals play into your personal motivation to exercise.

  • Beauty: I want to look my best!
  • Health: I know that fitness plays into my overall health, and I’m committed to being healthy
  • Weight: Exercise is a huge and necessary part of achieving and maintaining my weight goals.
  • Strength: I need to be stronger to do my job or go about my daily tasks.
  • Admiration: I’d like people to look up to me for my fitness achievements.
  • Mitigate risk: Health problem “X” runs in my family, and I’d like to avoid it if possible.
  • Mental toughness: I want to develop that mentality that never gives up, and exercise is a good way for me to practice that.
  • Agility: I want to be nimble and flexible and quick to react, no matter what situation I’m in.
  • Other ____________

2. Benchmark your current strengths and weaknesses.

What you can (and can’t) currently do now is a huge contributor to what workout will be best for you in your present state, and this can change as you progress in your strength and conditioning. Here are some common items to take into account:
Muscle strength
Cardio endurance
Any limiting health factors (such as recent surgery or illness)

3. Evaluate your preferences

Not everyone likes the same kinds of workouts. One person may love to run for miles every day, another may really be into bodybuilding and weightlifting, and another may have an affinity for martial arts. You don’t have to hate your exercise! Take your preferences into account when you choose a workout routine.

Once you have completed these three steps, you will have enough information to rule out certain types of exercise.

4. Choose something that strengthens your core.

Core strength is universally useful. If your workout or exercise routine doesn’t focus on developing your core strength, you will be shortchanging yourself. Here at Every Body Balance, we’re very aware of the importance that your core strength plays in your overall fitness, and we strive to make sure that every class we offer will contribute to enhancing your core strength. A person with a strong core can generally perform at higher levels in any type of fitness endeavor over a person with a weak core.

Here are some of the core-strengthening options that we’d suggest:

  • Boot Camp
  • Yoga
  • Spinning
  • Pilates
  • Barre
  • Personal Training
  • Cardio-Core Conditioning
  • Zumba

5. Be willing to stick through the initial burn of getting in the habit of exercising.

Just because a workout wears you out and leaves you feeling pretty destroyed doesn’t mean it’s not your ideal workout! If you’re expecting the ideal workout to never tax you or push you beyond your limits, then you’re looking for a thing that doesn’t exist! Only a sub-optimal workout would be something easier than you can already handle. So get your head in the game and be prepared to feel sore for 2-3 weeks while you press on to new heights of fitness achievement.

Everyone has a core. Let us help you find yours.

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