Resubscribe to our Mailing List

Occasionally, someone will click a link and remove themselves from our regular email list.  List management is a big deal for email, since no one wants to be sending unwanted email.

If this happened to you, relax – Below is a button where you can re-subscribe to the EBB mail list.  Once you click the button you will be taken to the General Sign up form for the EBB list.  Sign up, and a confirmation email will be sent to your email address… confirm the action and you will be added back to the list as an active subscriber.

If you ask to resubscribe but never get the confirming email, then a) check to be sure there were no typos, and b) your mail server may be somehow blocking this.  Let us know, and we’ll try a Plan B.

Contact us if you have any questions. Otherwise, relax and we hope to see you soon!